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Please note that ProgenX products are only recommended for use by professional trained nail technicians.

Top Tips:

  • The Pro Base liquid is very sticky so it is not recommended to wipe any excess liquid off of the brush onto the opening of the bottle, as this may cause clogging of the opening.
  • Remember to brush lightly with low pressure.
  • It is important when applying the Activator to apply it to the entire nail.
  • Timing is everything. As our products are heat reactive, it's always best to keep them stored in a cool area away from direct sunlight. Keep in mind the temperature as the activator may require a minute or so longer to dry in the winter as it does in the summer. 


What base coat should I use?

You should always use the Crystal Set.


How do I keep my Pro-Base and Finish Gel lids from sticking?

After each nail application, clean the brush well with a lint free wipe. At the end of the session, clean the neck of the bottle inside and out with a lint free wipe using pure acetone.


Why does my manicure seem to be lifting up?

Before application, make sure to remove excess cuticles by sanding well and never apply the product over the cuticle. As a rule of thumb, we suggest that you try to keep everything a hairline away from the cuticle.


How do I remove ProgenX manicures?

File off around two thirds on all 10 nails. Then, you can either soak the nails in acetone for 10 minutes or place a cotton ball soaked in acetone on the nail and secure with a piece of foil.  The remainder can simply be scrapped off like gum.


My Finish Gel brush has gone hard, why?

99% of the time it is a timing issue; the Finish Gel is being applied too early and the Activator is activating the brush.  Just leave it slightly longer to dry.


Can I apply nail art with ProgenX?

Yes, absolutely! Our products are some of the most versatile out there. Once you have prepped the nail (i.e. filed, buffed and brushed off any excess powder) then you can apply nail art.  Just ensure it is fully dry before continuing with the process as we wouldn’t want you to waste your hard work!


How many set of nails will I get out of a pot of powder?

This is very dependent on the experience of the nail technician but, on average, you will get around 35 to 38 sets of nails out of a 2oz pot of powder, if not more.


What are the ingredients?

A full list of ingredients are available on request.


Why do my nails sometimes fade after a week or so?

Most yellowing comes from tanning, bleach and being out in the sun with hand lotion on. Don’t forget, when on holiday swimming pools contain chemicals too!


How do I explain to clients what kind of product ProgenX Nails is?

ProgenX are acrylic based dipping systems; they provide all of the benefits of acrylic nails whilst feeling lighter like a gel.  Our products encourage healthy nail growth as they contain Vitamin E and Calcium.  All of our products are cruelty-free and vegan.