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We are Go Pretty. The official home of Nexgen and Progenx, premium dip powder systems that deliver natural looking, beautiful nails without damaging the nail bed.  We're confident you'll love them as much as we do and here's why...

Why NexGen?

NexGen Nails is an acrylic dipping system which has been successfully used in the UK for over 10 years.  Easy to apply with a super quick dry time and no need for expensive UV lights, NexGen delivers natural looking, beautiful nails that are light, flexible and durable, lasting for up to 3 weeks.

Fortified with vitamin E and calcium, NexGen is water resistant and yet allows the nails to breathe, enabling them to grow long and strong and keeping nails healthier and maintenance free. NexGen applications can be customised for each client, with a wide variety of colours and glitter available.

Why ProgenX?

A premium lightweight dip powder, ProgenX gives all the benefits of a premium dipping powder system but with a finer consistency for an even smoother finish with less filing, minimal wastage and even more time saved.

Available in some 150 colours and with a focus on small batch productions, ProgenX have three ranges - G, P and X.  The P range has been especially developed to include both dipping powders and polishes so that you can offer your clients matching dip powder manicure and polish pedicure.