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Psychedelic Nail Art Taking Over This Summer

Psychedelic Nail Art Taking Over This Summer

Colourful, psychedelic nail art has been taking Instagram by storm recently, and after dominating the world of wall prints, the time has come for the vintage/60’s psychedelic art style to become the nail trend for the summer.

If you’re looking for inspiration for the summer’s nail art trends, then this cool retro look combines elegance with a touch of casualness with unique designs that will transport you back to a time of Hendrix, free love, and bright, fun colours.

Whether you opt for a daring and bold colour palette or decided to go for more delicate pastel shades to your nails, psychedelic nail art might just be the details that were missing to help elevate your looks this summer.

It will evoke a universe of Emilio Pucci prints, and be the chicest way to embrace a kaleidoscopic vibe.

It can appear like it would be difficult to attain at home with DIY nail art, but it can be very practical and shake up your creative pursuits and your regular nail art routine.

It recalls the water marbling trend that was hot a few years ago, the technique of putting nail polish in water and soaking your nails, which overwhelmed the Internet and manicurists all around the world.

Even though it has come back strong, it is not the only means of achieving psychedelic nail art. See people have chosen to apply the print to just the tips of the nails, forming a creative arc, while others prefer to keep the design intricately elaborated to form a more creative pattern.

Whichever method and style you’re aiming for, if you need professional nail tools, visit our online store today.