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9 Steps To The Perfect DIY Manicure

9 Steps To The Perfect DIY Manicure

Having your nails looking polished and pretty is a sure-fire mood booster, and a really simple way to change up your look without splashing out on a new outfit or an expensive hairdo. There’s never been more choice when it comes to having super pretty nails! If you are doing your colour at home, here are a few useful tips.

1. Before you get going with the polish of your choice, give your hands a lovely therapeutic manicure to make sure they’re looking in tip top condition. First, remove any old polish from your nails with a good quality remover that contains nutrients and moisturisers to help prevent them from drying out, and keep them nice and strong.

2. If your nails are on the long side, start by clipping them. Next take a good quality metal nail file and gently shape the tips to either square or rounded ends, depending on your preference. Finish off with a buffer to smooth out any ridges on the surface of your nails. If your cuticles are looking untidy, push them back gently with a cuticle stick.

3. Moisturise your hands with a nice rich hand cream that sinks in well. If you are prone to very dry skin, or have eczema or dermatitis, try massaging an unperfumed ointment into your hands, and popping on some clean cotton gloves while you relax in front of the TV for an hour or so. Even very dry hands will feel much softer afterwards!

4. Once your moisturiser has soaked in, it’s worth giving your nails a wipe over with polish remover to get rid of any traces of hand cream, which could stop your new polish from drying smoothly.

5. Apply a base coat to your nails. This will prevent strong colours from seeping into your nails, and provide a smoother base for the top coat. It will also help your colour to last longer and stop it chipping as easily. Relax for five minutes or more, so your base coat is nice and dry before moving on to the next stage.

6. Apply your first coat of colour. Avoid overloading the brush, and apply one neat stroke down the middle of the nail, followed by one on each side. Make sure the colour meets your cuticles and the edges of your nail. Take your time; it’s hard to get a neat finish when you rush! Let the coat dry for at least two minutes.

7. Apply your second coat, and again, don’t be tempted to load up the brush and apply a thick layer, as this will end up looking messy. If you think the colour needs more pop, you can always apply a third layer afterwards.

8. When your nails are perfectly dry, add the finishing touch with a clear topcoat. Take care to keep it smooth and avoid any ridges, so your manicure looks super shiny and is protected from chipping.

9. If there are any smudged areas of colour around your nails, soak a cotton bud, or for more precision, the end of a cuticle stick wrapped in cotton wool, in nail polish remover and carefully clean them up. Finally, sit back and admire all your hard work!.

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